Counseling Works, PLLC
A Counseling Experience for Women
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Our History

Building Strong Families, One Woman at a Time.

Counseling Agency History

Founder, Venus L. Works, is a wife, mother and native Detroiter who obtained her masters degree in school and community counseling; stemming from a growing desire to address the personal/social development issues of children in schools. She, later found that school counseling was limited in its ability to address the root causes of issues facing children today; their home life and family dysfunction.

Venus later decided to open her own private counseling practice; one that would focus on the support and development of strong women in order to build strong families that children need. Her practice places special emphasis on Women's Issues + Mental Health Disorders to address the growing needs in these areas.

Counseling Works, PLLC officially opened its doors in 2017. Venus believes that, "It's the counseling experience that's uniquely tailored to women's needs that sets her practice apart." 

Mental disorders can affect women and men differently. Some disorders are more common in women such as depression and anxiety.
— National Institute of Mental Health