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Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, itโ€™s self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.
— Audre Lorde

Our Focus Areas

Anxiety Disorders

Your peace of mind is one of the most important things to protect in todayโ€™s complex world. Life's misfortunes and crisis leave individuals living with an overwhelming sense of worry and uncertainty. A life in fear, can be a life in bondage. We use therapeutic techniques to help you identify and overcome the symptoms and challenges caused by excessive worry and fear to help you better navigate life. 

Relationship Issues

The way you and others communicate can look very different. The build-up of misunderstandings can tear away at relationships of all types. Counseling Works, PLLC strives to identify your communication barriers so you can focus more on creating healthy relationships that can endure. Types of relationships include, spouses, friends, family members, or colleagues. We tailor our approach based upon your relationship type and your individual needs.

Chronic Stress + Management

Society's norm is for today's modern woman is to work hard, go fast and multitask as you race against the clock! The tasks on your daily to-do list seem endless. How do you know when you've reached your max? Having the ability to manage the pressures that are exerted on you from family, friend and work is key. Through therapeutic techniques, we guide you in establishing healthy strategies for stress management and self-care. 

Depressive Disorders

At times, your feelings about life can change. But, is it to the point where you've lost interest in the things that once mattered most to you? The source of depressive symptoms is profoundly personal. However, depression is not something to take lightly. Knowing when and where you need to seek help is key. We can help! Through our counseling services, we assist you with identifying sources of and providing relief from your depressive symptoms. 

Blended Family Issues

The nuclear family unit is ever evolving, creating a modern family melting pot of new siblings, spouses and parents. With the regular  occurrences separations and/or divorce along with the resurgence of new family formations, the opportunity for miscommunication and mistrust among new family members is ever present. We take pride in helping you learn strategies for navigating the often foggy task of blending your families. Through our therapeutic approach, we empower you to use your role to improve overall family functioning.

Trauma / Stressor Disorders

Trauma is more commonly experienced than ever before. The degree to which women have encountered trauma varies. But, there are several types of maladaptive behaviors and thoughts that stem from these traumatic experiences; from childhood or adulthood. Unfortunately, many times they remain unaddressed. Counseling Works, PLLC uses our counseling services to help you find relief, heal and live a more satisfying life.

Co-Parenting Issues

Today, more than ever women are voluntarily and involuntarily becoming single mothers. No matter what your circumstances are that result in parental separation separation, the challenges of co-parenting can become overwhelming. Through counseling, we can guide and empower you through your struggles and provide you with tools to help make your co-parenting experience more positive and effective for you and your children.

...And More.

The scope of women's health-focused counseling is greater than those listed. Counseling Works, PLLC strives to provide women and girls with services that promote building strong families. Please contact us directly to inquire how we can meet your individual needs. 

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