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Enjoy Your Spring by Managing Your Stress

Spring has finally sprung! That means travel season is picking up, spring breaks are taking place, and your social/personal calendars are filling up. But, are you also starting to feel a bit overwhelmed by it all?

Despite the fact that these new trips, breaks, and social events are usually a source of joy and excitement, sometimes they can actually create a new layer of stress and pressure. One reason for this is the fact that you already have existing responsibilities and obligations to uphold. If those things have not been managed very well, it can be hard to take on additional activities, or even time away from work.

How can you get a handle on your current stressors in an effort to enjoy your upcoming spring activities? Here are 3 tips for managing your stress this season:

  1. Monitor your to-do lists: It can be very stressful to have lists of things to accomplish on a daily basis that are technically unattainable for the time allotted. Try reducing your daily lists to no more than 3 important tasks or events. There's only so much time in any given day to conquer personal, professional or social needs. 
  2. Prioritize me-time: When every day is filled with obligations to other's needs (or events), it's hard to feel cared for; which can lead to other unproductive thoughts, feelings or behaviors. Time dedicated to self can help reduce stress that can develop from neglected personal needs or responsibilities.
  3. Seek support as needed: As life gets filled with things to do, socially or professionally, it may be easier to get overwhelmed. If you begin to feel that your individual efforts to manage your time or to obtain a healthy life balance have been unsuccessful, try professional counseling. Therapy can be a great tool for identifying healthy ways to manage stress. It can also help to identify deeper issues and concerns that may be impacting your ability to self-manage your stress. 

Spring can be a great time to enjoy many new experiences and to engage in tons of social events. Make sure you seek healthy ways to manage your stress in order to enjoy all that this season has to offer.

~ Authored by V. Works