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World Mental Health Day - Women of Color

World Mental Health Day is October 10th. In acknowledgement of this, I would like to shed some light on the mental health history of Black Women. Throughout history, there have been several instances of misuse and abuse of black women; stemming all the way from slavery. On the furthest end of the spectrum women were used as a means of reproduction of a workforce and even as a recreational outlet source for males, black and white. Despite the trauma, the spoken and unspoken instruction given was to keep quiet or else. The degree of physical/mental abuse and its psychological impact over time has played a role in the help-seeking behaviors of women of color. 

This innate hesitation or instinctive suppression of issues is important to acknowledge. It has had ongoing implications on the readiness of women of color to acknowledge when something has happened, or when things are just not ok. But, it is more important now than ever for women of color to break the cycle of silence and seek help when needed. Families need strong women; mothers, wives and daughters. I'm not saying that all women of color are riddled with mental health issues. But, I am saying that the likelihood and acceptability of them seeking out therapeutic support as needed is lower than other races or genders.

So why is it important for this trend to continue to move in the opposite direction among women of color? Here are a couple good reasons why...

  • There are many families of color today being run by single mothers. A very daunting task to say the least. Moms, imagine having professional therapist whose sole agenda is to listen to you and your needs; help you better understand yourself, so that you can better support your family.
  • Pregnancy and life postpartum can be very emotional times for women. Sometimes your significant other, (or lack there of), may not always understand the type of support you actually need. It's very common for many women to experience anxiety and or depression in these times. But how do you handle it? Imagine having a therapist that you can count on to talk you through the source of your ups and downs and help you identify clear solutions. 
  • Women of color encounter several life scenarios that don't necessarily imply the presence of a severe mental disorder; but does imply the need for help. Counseling/therapy has been utilized among other races/genders for many years. And it has been considered OK to go to your regular therapist appointments; because it just helps you deal. Imagine, as you encounter your life issues, (high-stress, bouts with anger, increased anxiety, or even traumatic experiences), you have someone who is trained and ready to help you deal, well!

Counseling Works, PLLC specializes in Women's Mental Health Issues and Disorders specifically those facing women of color. It is the mission of my agency to help women understand that counseling and therapy can be an awesome tool for life success. And the outcomes of your counseling experience can be beautiful.  

"As women, it is our nature to care for others, but it is not always our instinct to take care of self." ~ V. Works

~ Authored by V. Works